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Hidden Knowledge awaits all ye who have the appropriate clearance or rank in their secret society... everyone else look away now! 

Are you an illuminatus?No we’re Australian but thanks for asking.

Do you believe in: *** insert random conspiracy theory here *** ?Of course we do, doesn’t everyone?

I really want to give illuminatus to all my family and friends as Christmas presents this year will you be out by then?Great news the gift of conspiracy just keeps on giving! Yes as at June 2023 we're currently in pre-production with our new manufacturer so making some final adjustments to the game and content, then printing around Aug/Sept, shipping Oct/Nov out global fulfilment centres.
So yes you can give the gift of Illuminatus for Christmas 2023!

Do you work for the NSA/CIA/Mossad/other government agency/ or do you have ties to any games publishers out there?No we work for Dark Mushroom Games an independent games publisher based in Sydney, Australia.

Ok so you're Australian - do you work for ASIO/ASIS/DSD or (insert any other Australian goverment agency)?No see previous answer plus it gets rather cold in winter down there in Canberra.

Your products are terrible, highly inappropriate, triggering and offensive - I hate them and you - where do I send my complaints?##REDACTED##

Your products are terrible, highly inappropriate, triggering and offensive - I love them and you - where do I send my compliments?You are welcome to contact us via social media (links below) and/or via our contact page to share your love!

What happened with the Illuminatus Kickstarter?The illuminatus Kickstarter... all or nothing funding model so we got nothing but incurred a large mount of costs not only in creating the product but in running and promoting the campaign. It has taken us longer than we wanted but we are finally going to get Illuminatus into your hands!

Do you have any other games in the works?Yes! We have a bunch of ideas raring to go including expansions for Illuminatus and some brand new games as well! Watch this space for more information....

This website looks familiar?Sure we try and keep the Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy styling and vibe alive here as well!

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